'Fun'damentals - Vancouver All Stars Baseball Camp

Vancouver All Stars’ main goal is to keep baseball and softball fun!

We take a ‘FUN’damental approach to teaching and improving the basics. Even the best of athletes need to correct and perfect their fundamental techniques from a young age onwards. Vancouver All Stars provides expert instruction through Kinesiology students & graduates, amateur & professional athletes, and nationally certified coaches.

basball fielding


Learn the various roles of a field player, with a focus on:
  • Ground ball fielding position & techniques
  • Fielding fly balls
  • Picking a ball in the dirt
  • Catching from first base
  • Receiving a throw at a base
  • Applying a tag to a runner
hitting and batting


We teach a rotational approach to hitting in order to generate a strong swing. With a focus on:
  • Stride – step forward to begin the timing of your swing
  • Start rotation - torso leads the rotational motion of the swing
  • Hips – the hips turn to generate power
  • Hands – the hands come through the hitting zone into a power position
  • Head – the head remains in position while following through, eyes are focused on the point of contact
throwing a baseball


Throwing mechanics are essential for accuracy, strength & injury prevention. We focus on:
  • Proper grip of the baseball
  • Drawback motion and arm position
  • Correct circular motion of the arm
  • Release and follow through
  • Receiving a catch with a correct catching stance
baserunning and sliding


Baserunning is an important aspect of the game not to be overlooked. We will be practicing:
  • Running correctly to all the bases
  • Proper running technique
  • Understanding where the runner is in relation to the play
  • Sliding safely
pitching baseball


We strongly stress fundamental throwing mechanics. We breakdown a pitch into 5 main steps:
  • Stepping to the balance point
  • Developing a strong balance position
  • Moving from balance position to landing in the throwing position
  • Moving from landing position to the power position
  • Releasing the ball from the power position and follow through