Grants & Support - Vancouver All Stars Baseball Camp

We strongly believe that no child should be denied the opportunity to participate in youth sports due to financial reasons. That is why for the last decade, Vancouver All Stars Baseball has had an active relationship with various funding and grant institutions throughout the province to provide all children the chance to take part in our award-winning summer camp program.

Families / single parents in need of financial assistance may be eligible to receive a summer camp grant. Certain financial and geographical criteria must be met in order to be eligible for a grant. Please contact the camp director for more information.

Please feel free to contact us for more information.

School Districts Sports Scholarships

This is a unique opportunity offered only through Vancouver All Stars Baseball. Vancouver All Stars Baseball will be awarding a number of athletic scholarships to elementary school students from the following school districts:

School District 36 – Surrey

School District 38 – Richmond

School District 39 – Vancouver

School District 41 – Burnaby

School District 43 – Coquitlam

School District 44 – North Vancouver

School District 61 – Greater Victoria

All elementary schools are encouraged to nominate up to 3 students in grades K – 6 for an athletic scholarship with All Stars Baseball in British Columbia. Selected students will be awarded a week of full day baseball camp at one of our Lower Mainland locations. Schools with student(s) who are selected for an athletic scholarship will be given a plaque to display at the school.

All scholarship nominees selected by their school must submit a 200 word write-up outlining why they feel they will benefit from this athletic opportunity. A panel will review each applicant based on their potential for the following: leadership, athletic ability, team-work, willingness to learn, work ethic.