Baseball Day Camp For Ages 6 to 13.

Vancouver All Stars Baseball takes a ‘FUN’damental approach to teaching and improving the basics for children whose abilities range from total beginner to experienced player. We present and practice the correct techniques and reinforce these through organized game play. We promote healthy sport and athletic habits for life-long growth & development.

We encourage players of all abilities to attend our camps. Whether your child is brand new to the sport or an experienced veteran there is a place for them at Learn & Play Ball Academy.

For maximum learning we recommend you register your child for the full day program. However you may choose mornings only (focus on skill development) or afternoons (focus on game playing).

An emphasis is placed upon:

  • Mechanics for accuracy, strength & injury prevention
  • Proper grip of the baseball
  • Drawback motion and arm position
  • Correct circular motion of the arm
  • Release and follow through
  • Receiving a catch with a correct catching stance
  • Fielding ground balls

With a focus on:

  • Roles of a field player
  • Ground ball fielding position & techniques *Infield
  • Fielding a ground ball from the outfield
  • Fielding fly balls
  • Picking a ball in the dirt
  • Catching from first base
  • Receiving a throw at a base
  • Applying a tag to a runner

Vancouver All Stars teaches a 5 – step approach to a strong swing.

  • Stride – step forward to begin the timing of your swing
  • Start rotation – torso leads the rotational motion
  • Hips – the hips turn to generate power
  • Hands – the hands come through the hitting zone
  • Head – keep your head in position while following through, eyes remain focused on the point of contact

Base running is an important aspect of the game not to be overlooked. We will practice the following:

  • Running correctly to all the bases
  • Proper running technique
  • Understanding where the runner is in relation to the play
  • Sliding safely at a base or home plate.

Pitching is a valuable skill that all children will learn about. We strongly stress fundamental throwing mechanics. The main breakdown of a pitch is:

  • Stepping to the balance point
  • Developing a strong balance position
  • Moving from balance position to  landing in throwing position
  • Release and follow through

*All of these skills sets will be taught at the appropriate level based on each player’s baseball ability. It is our aim that players will achieve success through learning and improving on the basic fundamental skills of baseball.