Softball Day Camp For Ages 6 to 13

Play, learn and grow with our new Softball program. Softball is a popular sport played by both males and females in childhood and as adults. Softball activities focus on technique and game play to improve, correct and enhance enjoyment and abilities for all participants involved and foster skills for life-long fun and enjoyment.

Softball players will be integrated with the baseball program; however, softball techniques, stances, and motions will be emphasized by the program coaches.

We encourage players of all abilities to attend our camps. Whether your child is brand new to the sport or an experienced veteran there is a place for them at Learn & Play Ball Academy.

For maximum learning we recommend you register your child for the full day program. However you may choose mornings only (focus on skill development) or afternoons (focus on game playing).

As there is a direct overlap in skills and game play for elementary school aged children, please see our Baseball page for an overview of Softball ‘Fun’damentals taught at Vancouver All Stars Baseball.

Softball and Baseball programs are combined; however, Softball specific techniques are taught and emphasized to those enrolled specifically in the Softball program.  As our ‘fun’damental skills overlap with those instructed in the Baseball stream, please click here to view skills learnt.

*All of these skills sets will be taught at the appropriate level based on each player’s baseball ability. It is our aim that players will achieve success through learning and improving on the basic fundamental skills of baseball.